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Past Productions: Hood- The Panto

Hood- the panto is an original story written by Kay Andrews-Kuhn and produced by Lynden Players in 2015. Straying from traditional titles could have been a risky move, however, the show was a great success and enjoyed by cast, crew and audience alike, who appreciated its warmth, wit and unexpected plot twists.


Robin and his friend Flora Mopp find themselves transported from a grey future where magic has been forgotten to a bright new world in pursuit of a book of ancient fairy tales. However, all is not sunny in the magic kingdom. In the forest, a girl in a red hooded cloak and sparkly red shoes is being followed closely by a big, bad, wolf.

During this very funny and fast paced adventure, our chums meet well loved characters from pantomime, fairy tales and 1980s sci-fi and discover the magic of music and laughter, friendship and love, just in time for Christmas.

Principal Characters

Fairy Godmother, the good fairy

Robin Hood, principal boy

Flora Mopp, dame

Ruby Mantle (AKA Little red riding hood), our principal girl

Cookie, the lovable village idiot

T4.2, cyborg, muscular appearance, distinctive accent

The Big Bad Wolf, sidekick/henchman works for Malicia/ Mr Woolfe

Malicia, the bad fairy / The Boss

Major Incident, commander of the palace guards


Snow White,


Widow Twankey, proprietor of Swankey Twankey’s laundrette

Britney, step-sister to Cinderella

Christina, step-sister to Cinderella


Worker drones, villagers, palace guards, dwarves, fairies, market traders, mermaids and assorted fairy tale and pantomime characters

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