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2023-24 SEASON

AHOY the panto


Our pantomime for 2023 is an original story which takes place in the mid 1930’s aboard a luxury liner as she sets sail with her crew, led by Captain Roger Hornblower, and carrying a mixed bag of passengers: a wealthy heiress, a European prince, a scandalous novelist, a mysterious stowaway and a smoking hot house band. With a full supporting cast of cruise passengers, sailors, dancers, islanders and sea creatures (well, it is panto), AHOY is a hilarious, refreshing romp and a must-see for everyone who loves panto, and those who think they don’t.
14-16 December 7.30pm
Saturday Matinee 2.30pm
Middleton Cheney Village Hall
Admission £12/£40 family ticket

Written and directed by Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Audition Day

Audition Day artwork v1.jpg

It is audition day at the Marston Village Hall, home of The Marston LImelighters Operatic & Dramatic Society. The committee are about to cast a brand-new musical – Karl Marx -The Musical! written by two village residents. Not all are convinced that this is the right move, but most are willing to give it a try.

New Agers Kevin & Lydia, the authors of the musical, want to stay to see the auditions.

Soon emotions start to run high, the odd skeleton is gleefully pulled from a cupboard  while the committee awaits the arrival of the new director, Ashley Pratt.

Meanwhile, next door, the auditionees wait to be called. Panic sets in when they are told that they will be required to show some dance moves to the new director – all while wearing an assortment of hats.

‘Audition Day’ gives an affectionate (perhaps slightly exaggerated) comic nod towards some of the characters and situations that make ‘Am-Dram’ such a fascinating and irresistible hobby – most times!

17-18 May 2024
Middleton Cheney Village Hall

Tickets £15 includes food

Written and directed by Ken Lusted

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