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2022-23 SEASON

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The Wizard of Oz

Tickets are now on sale for our colourful Christmas pantomime. Put on your RUBY RED slippers and follow the YELLOW brick road to the EMERALD city for a fun family adventure in the land of Oz.

Join Dorothy and her friends as they seek out the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. Ticket prices have been cut this year to try and make a seasonal treat a little more affordable.
£10 adults/£8 under 18s

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

Tickets are now on sale for this fast paced, very, very, funny show, where all 37 of Shakespeare's plays are delivered by just three actors.
All tickets £10

How the Vote Was Won

Set in the living room of Horace and Ethel Cole in Brixton, London, on the day of a general women’s strike called by Suffragettes because the Government has said that women do not need votes as they are all looked after by men. All the women who have previously supported themselves agree to leave their jobs and homes and instead insist on support from their nearest male relative. As Horace’s female relatives arrive at his house one after the other, he comes to realize something must be done and rushes to Parliament, along with all the other men in London, to demand “Votes for Women” as soon as possible

All tickets £6

By James Barry

Directed by Joanna Bailey

8-10 December 2022

Written by The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Directed by  Ben Tutt

25-27 May 2023

Written by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St John

Directed by Jess Cherry

16-17 June 2023

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