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  • Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Catching up with an old friend

Sustainable theatre has been in the news lately and the RSC has published behind the scenes posts from their current production of The Tempest.

Reusing props and materials is not news to any of us involved in amateur theatre where budgets have to stretch and storage space is limited. I was reminded of this yesterday when I took this handsome fellow out of the box.

This fabulous donkeys’ head was created by our props queen Gill Peeling in 2015 for the Lynden Players’ production of ‘A Mid Summer Nights Dream’ where the character of Bottom the Weaver is affected by a magic spell and becomes a comic object of desire for Titania, Queen of the Fairies. It’s particularly special to me as I was lucky enough to be cast as Bottom, and remember well the surge of laughter from the audience at his transformation. That show was a personal highlight for me and many happy memories are triggered when I look into that goofy face.

Fast forward to 2022, Lynden Players go out on the road with a new production ‘PLOT’ and ‘The Plot Thickens’, an outrageous comedy in two acts. The show contained some memorable costumes and props, mostly recycled, and if you saw the show you will probably remember some of them! The second part of the show contained a Nativity scene, complete with a donkey, and I was delighted to see my old friend centre stage, worn by Alex Nicholls.

But Donkey’s story is not over yet. He will be appearing in our forthcoming production of ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)’ 25-27 May 2023. He is out of the box and ready to be handed over to our talented cast, who will attempt to deliver the full catalogue of comedy, tragedy and history for your delight in this hilarious, clever, fast paced production.

Come and join our super-charged cast of three for a night to remember, and please give Donkey a special cheer when you see him.

If you are curious about the show, or simply don’t believe it can be done, you can get a taster on Monday 20 February 8.00pm at the New Inn, Middleton Cheney, where the cast will perform an extract from the show in the barn. Come along, have a drink and see for yourself.

Tickets on sale shortly- watch this space for details.

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