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How The Vote Was Won

After over 40 years of campaigning for the right to vote, the women of Britain decide to take a different approach. In this farcical play, first published and performed in 1909, the women of the Britain go on strike and as distant relations start to gather at the small home of Horace Cole he starts to think, 'Maybe women's suffrage isn't that silly after all'.

Thank you to everyone who came along for our play reading on Wednesday. After some deliberation, Jess has announced her cast. Congratulations to

Horace Miles Doughty

Ethel Chloe Cardin-Stewart

Winifred Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Agatha Jo Bailey

Molly Laura Boyles

Madame Christine Jacqui Pugh

Maudie Jemma- Louise Smith

Aunt Lizzie Sue Martin

Lily Amy Somerton

Gerald Anthony Kenny

Rehearsals start in February. Performance dates will be announced in due course.

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