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Dinner with the Dowager is a big hit

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The latest production from Lynden Players was a big hit with audiences who loved the mix of comedy and mystery in Death of the Dowager.

An impressive three course supper was served; menu created and delivered by Miles Doughty assisted by members and friends of the society.


Brigadier Charles Brightman MC - Harry Gaines

Mrs Millicent Buffington - Jacqui Pugh

Mr 'Buffo' Buffington - David Connor

Miss Mary Towcliffe - Jo Bailey

Tompkins - Jacky Rooney

Mrs Myrtle Tompkins - Laura Boyles

Miss Elizabeth Smith - Nicki Bithell

Dr Stevenson - Abigail Woodhead

Sergent Briggs - Raymond Haresign

Director - Jess Cherry

Producer - Miles Doughty


1930s, England. The elderly dowager is fading fast, although perhaps not fast enouhg for some. Her family have gathered at the family seat and await her final departure. As the bodies begin to pile up who is to blame: the doting daughter, her husband, the disenfranchised 'other' daughter, the companion looking to travel the world, or the butler and housekeeper sick of service? And who on earth is the mystery Doctor, summoned by the dowager herself?

Promotional photos taken by Jess Cherry.

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