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  • Kay Andrews-Kuhn

News: Lynden On Line

28 October Theme Night- Halloween

Lynden Players has a history of supernatural story telling- from classic tale Jekyll and Hyde (2009) to modern musical Drinking with Angelika (2017);  comic chillers such as Dracula, the Vampire Strikes Back (2014) and Frankenstein the panto (2009), and a long list of shows containing all manner of witches, monsters, robots, fairies and man-eating plants.

Let's celebrate the spooky! Volunteers please to read or perform something suitably supernatural- could be ghost stories, gothic poems, jokes, folk tales, fairy tales, songs,  dance, music. Entries can be live or recorded. It’s an opportunity to try something new and have fun!  

If you might like to take part but not sure what to do, we have some suggestions for individuals and groups that might suit.

All participants including audience are strongly encouraged to dress up.

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